What would our children think?
Acting to save the World

Help? Help is all the poorest countries like Niger and Zimbabwe ask for. It isn´t hard to see the suffering of the young children

who don´t get enough food or proper education. Everyone should do their best to help them by donating money.

That way they will be able to build more hospitals and schools and get clean water and food for everyone.

Food and different buildings are still not enough. The gender equality is still almost unknown in most poor countries.

Women aren´t allowed to go to work or school, because they have to take care of the children and keep the house clean.

With your help, we would be able to help these women and girls to get the same rights as the men and other boys.


Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the actors everyone knows, or at least should know. He became a celebrity after his huge break out role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

with Johnny Depp, where he plays Gilbert Grape’s autistic brother. The other major roles he had were in 1996 in Romeo and Juliet as Romeo and in 1997 in Titanic as Jack Dawson.

‘’I think life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it’’, is a famous quote from the Titanic actor, who is also known as a producer and environmentalist.

DiCaprio is one of the most active celebrities who’s invested in saving the environment. In 1998 he established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which is a non-profit organization.

It promotes environmental awareness and mainly focuses on global warming, preserving Earth’s biodiversity and supporting renewable energy.