Equality is a foreign concept to nature. Justice and morality do not apply when it comes to the genetic lottery.

Is it still survival of the fittest if you're luck limits your ability to succeed? We lack control over most the factors that pre-determine our fate and govern our lives.

I will argue that economic inequality is perfectly just by defending the entitlement theory and distributive justice from the works of Robert Nozick and analyzing the works John Rawls and Michael Sandel.

John Rawls was a philosopher of the twentieth century. Rawls believes that nothing that makes us unique to ourselves is in our control.

When under the veil of ignorance, you are not aware of your demographic, education status, income, class, family circumstance, ethnicity, race, religion, or gender.

After wiping these characteristics away, you only know you are a good, moral being. Making just decisions with the veil of ignorance on allows us to see life from a neutral standpoint and accurately judge what is just and what is unjust.

Not knowing whether you will luck out by chance or not will change the wayrio just incase that is your fate. The only way inequality can be just is if the inequality favors the least off members of society.

"The aim is to you want the government to be run. You will be more inclined to better the worst case scenause the notion of pure procedural justice as a basis theory.

Somehow we must nullify the effects of specific contingencies which put natural circumstances to their own advantage." (Rawls 704).

Robert Nozick, like Rawls was a well known philosopher from the twentieth century, as well. Nozick points out there is no pattern to justice.

Economic justice is based off the decisions people choose to make in a free market. First off, there is justice in what you start out with economically speaking in nature, what you are born with is what you get and fair game.

Second, the economic decisions you make in your lifetime express free will and do not express any code of injustice, therefore, are just.

The entitlement theory outlines principles that justify holdings called the original acquisition of holdings. The distributive justice is applied in these circumstances. Possessions can only be acquired and transferred.